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Registration Information

Academic Advising

  • All undergraduates are assigned academic advisers who assist in the planning of course schedules.
  • All undergraduates are requested to meet with their advisers prior to registration for each semester.
  • Graduate and Professional students with questions about academic advising should consult their School Catalog.

Academic Calendars

Advanced-Level, AP, and IB Credit

  • G.C.E. Advanced-Level examination grades accepted for advanced credit by the various departments at Vanderbilt are listed here.
  • Advanced Placement Examination scores accepted for advanced placement with credit by the various departments at Vanderbilt are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • International Baccalaureate test scores accepted for advanced credit by the various departments at Vanderbilt are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. Students who have taken tests in other areas may submit their scores to the Office of Academic Services for evaluation by the appropriate departments.


  • Undergraduates: Regularly enrolled undergraduate students who want to audit courses in any of the undergraduate schools of the university must obtain the written consent of the instructor to attend the class but do not register for the course for credit.
  • No permanent record is kept of the audit.
  • Students may audit one class each semester.
  • Undergraduate Audit Request Form
  • Graduate and Professional Students: Audit policies vary by school for graduate and professional students. For information concerning the audit policy of an individual school, please see the School Catalog.
  • Graduate School Audit Request Form

Changing Discussion Sections (or other course components)

  • Students have the option to change the discussion section (or other course component) of a course without being required to drop the lecture.
  • Associated discussion sections are identified by the green arrow on the student's Enrolled Courses page.
  • A student may only swap to an open section.
  • For more information about changing discussion sections in YES, please see Changing Discussion Sections.

Class Standing

  • Class standing is determined and regulated by each school.
  • A student's current class standing is viewable on the YES Student Landing Page. It is listed under the degree header, next to "Classification."
  • For information about class standing, please refer to the School Catalog.

Course Drop/Add

  • Students may make changes to their schedules via YES during the registration appointment(s), during the Open Enrollment period, and during the official Change Period (Drop/Add), which is normally the first week of classes.
  • Undergraduate students who would like to add or drop a business mod II class after the change period should contact their Office of Academic Services.
  • After the change period, and extending to the official last day to withdraw, a course may be dropped with the consent of the student's adviser.
  • Undergraduates should review the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for important registration dates.
  • Graduate and Professional students should review the Graduate and Professional Academic Calendars for important registration dates.
  • Change of Course Request Form

Course Requisites

  • Course prerequisites are requirements (generally courses) that a student must have completed (or be in the process of completing) in order to enroll in a specific course.
  • Corequisites are requirements that a student must complete either prior to enrolling in a specific course or concurrently with that course.
  • Requisites are listed in the School Catalog and in YES on the Class Detail page in the Class Search application.
  • Each student is responsible for meeting the published requisites for each course requested.
  • Schools have the authority to administratively drop a student from a course for which the student has not fulfilled the published requisite.

Degree Audit

  • An online degree audit is available in YES to all undergraduates. The degree audit displays total hours earned, degree requirements completed, and requirements still to be met. Students should examine their degree audit carefully with their academic adviser. Students suspecting problems or errors with their degree audit should contact their school.
  • To access the online degree audit, please go to YES, and click the "Degree Audit" link on the student landing page.
  • For additional information, please see the YES User Guides.

Division of Unclassified Studies (DUS)

  • The Division of Unclassified Studies (DUS) provides an opportunity for non-degree students to take courses for credit at Vanderbilt. Students in DUS are eligible to take courses in any of the four undergraduate schools, provided space is available and all prerequisites have been met.
  • For more information about DUS, please see Division of Unclassified Studies (DUS).

Final Exam Schedules

  • For information concerning final exam schedules, please see Exam Schedules.


  • The State of Tennessee requires certain immunizations for all students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) on university campuses.
  • Due to this requirement, Vanderbilt University will block student registration for those who are not in compliance.
  • For information about Vanderbilt University's Immunization requirements please see Immunization Compliance.

Intra-University Transfers

  • Undergraduates in the College of Arts and Science, Blair School of Music, School of Engineering, and Peabody College may request a transfer between the schools.
  • Students are eligible for intra-university transfer after having been enrolled on a full-time basis at Vanderbilt for two semesters. Students who transferred to Vanderbilt from another institution are eligible for intra-university transfer after having completed at least one full semester at Vanderbilt and having achieved sophomore standing.
  • To be eligible for transfer, students must meet the requirements of the school they wish to enter.
  • For more information about intra-university transfer, including key deadlines, requirements, and the application, please see Intra-University Transfers.

Late Registration

Pass/Fail (Grading Basis)

  • Undergraduates may elect to take a limited number of courses on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis.
  • To enroll for a course on a Pass/Fail basis, undergraduate students must have completed at least two semesters at Vanderbilt, must have achieved at least sophomore standing, and must not be on academic probation.
  • Undergraduates should consult the Undergraduate Catalog for school-specific requirements regarding enrolling in courses on a Pass-Fail basis.
  • Graduate and Professional students should review the Pass/Fail policies in their schools. For more information, please see School Catalogs.

Readmission to Vanderbilt

  • Formerly enrolled undergraduate students seeking information about readmission to Vanderbilt, including key deadlines, requirements, and the application, please see Reinstatement.
  • Formerly enrolled graduate and professional students needing information concerning policies and procedures governing readmission to the university should contact the school in which they wish to be readmitted.

Registration Appointment

  • Students can access their registration appointment times on their Student Landing Page in YES under the header "Enrollment Dates."
  • To view the student registration appointment(s), please log in to YES.

Registration Holds

  • Registration holds prevent students from registering for classes for future terms.
  • Any active holds impacting registration can be seen on the Student Landing page in YES under the "Holds" header.
  • Follow the instructions on the hold message section on the Student Landing page in YES to inquire about active holds.

Registration Permissions

  • Certain courses require registration permission prior to enrollment.
  • Course requiring permissions are listed in the School Catalog and in YES on the Class Detail page in the Class Search application.
  • For more information about the permission requirement on an individual course, students should contact their school.

Repeated Courses

  • Policies governing repeated courses vary by school.
  • Undergraduates should view the Undergraduate Catalog for more information about the repeat credit policy in their school.
  • Graduate and Professional students should view their School Catalog for more information about the repeat credit policy in their school.

Schedule of Classes

  • To access the Vanderbilt University schedule of classes, please see Schedule of Classes
  • Meeting Pattern Key:
    • M – Monday
      T – Tuesday
      W – Wednesday
      R – Thursday
      F – Friday
      S – Saturday
      U – Sunday

Spring 2021 Asynchronous Classes

  • A list of Spring 2021 asynchronous classes is available here.

Spring 2021 Modes of Instruction

  • Spring 2021 modes of instruction are available here.

Spring 2021 Registration

  • The undergraduate spring class schedule is slated to be published in YES on Monday, November 2, 2020.
  • Undergraduate students will have an opportunity to register for classes during their Spring 2021 appointment windows:
  • Seniors: November 9, 10, and 13
  • Juniors: November 11, 12, and 13
  • Sophomores: November 16, 17, and 20
  • Freshmen: November 18, 19, and 20
  • Student-specific registration appointment windows will be published in YES on Monday, November 2, 2020.
  • Once registration has concluded, there will be an additional Open Enrollment period. More information will be forthcoming.

Study Abroad

  • Vanderbilt offers study abroad opportunities for all undergraduates from the College of Arts and Science, Blair School of Music, School of Engineering, and Peabody College.
  • Programs are available by semester, academic year, summer, and Maymester.
  • Students may study abroad any time after their freshman year at Vanderbilt.
  • For information about the study abroad course review process, please see Study Abroad Course Review.
  • For more information about study abroad opportunities at Vanderbilt, please see Global Education Office.

Time Conflicts

  • Students with a registration time conflict with your registration should contact their school to discuss their options.

Tuition and Refunds

Vanderbilt Catalogs


  • Placing yourself on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in a class.
  • Students will have the option to waitlist a class when a class is full provided there is space available on the waitlist.
  • To be removed from the waitlist, students must drop themselves from the waitlist via Student Registration in YES, or be placed in the class from the waitlist.
  • If a student is successfully enrolled to one section of a course, he or she will be dropped from the waitlist for all other sections of that course.
  • If a student is enrolled in one section of a course and places him or herself on the waitlist for another section of the same course, the drop-if-enrolled functionality in YES must be utilized.
  • If a student is waitlisted for a course and the waitlist course conflicts with the time of an enrolled course, then the drop-if-enrolled functionality in YES is recommended. This allows the student to select an enrolled course to drop if a space opens in the waitlisted course.
  • If an undergraduate student is waitlisted for a course and enrollment in the waitlisted course would cause the student to exceed 18 hours of enrollment for the term, the undergraduate will not be enrolled from the waitlist. The use of the drop-if-enrolled feature is encouraged in this case.
  • The waitlist process begins running at the start of registration for the future term/session, and runs through the day before the end of the Change Period (usually near the end of the first week of classes).
  • For more information about using the waitlist process in YES, please see Waitlist.

Withdrawal from University

  • Students proposing to withdraw from the university during a regular term must report to the Dean's Office of their school for proper clearance procedures.
  • Undergraduates, for more information on withdrawal from the university, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Graduate and Professional students, for more information on withdrawal from the university, please see the School Catalog.

YES Information

YES Message Center

  • The Message Center is an online application that allows university officials and students to communicate in a secure environment.
  • When a message is sent through the Message Center, the recipient receives an email (including the name of the sender and a link to the Message Center) indicating that a message is available. Users must log in to YES to access secure messages in the Message Center.
  • For additional information, please see the user guide for administrators or the user guide for students.