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Faculty and Staff

Academic Scheduling

Academic Scheduling

ClassPak Adoptions

ClassPaks can be generated through

If a desired item or if an item from an approved press is yet not on display in the AcademicPub Content Library, an email sent to the support staff at can expedite permissions clearance and inclusion of that content.


Brightspace - Course Enrollment Policy

Course and Teaching Evaluations

Course Renumbering

Division of Unclassified Studies

DUS for Faculty or Staff


FERPA for Faculty

FERPA for Staff


Electronic student education records containing sensitive information can be transmitted through Box for Vanderbilt. For questions regarding what should be transferred securely, please reference FERPA for Faculty or Staff or Vanderbilt's Box storage policy. User guides are available through Vanderbilt University Information Technology.

Information regarding software available at discounted prices at the Vanderbilt Software Store may be found at the following link: Vanderbilt Software Store.

Student Information System Access

Access to student information systems such as YES and PeopleSoft requires successful completion of the FERPA tutorial. Users who have not accessed the student information system over the course of one calendar year are subject to having their access inactivated. 


Textbook information can be submitted through the Vanderbilt Bookstore Course Material Adoption Tool. For assistance related to textbook adoptions contact the Vanderbilt Bookstore at


The Office of the University Registrar provides training for YES, PeopleSoft, and the Campus Planning Interface. Please email to request training.


In partnership with  Academic Affairs Process and Solution Implementations  and  Vanderbilt University Information Technology , the Office of the University Registrar has implemented Kuali, an online workflow product to assist with various processes on campus. Detailed information and access to the workflow tool are available here.

YES User Guides

Adding a Course Section Proxy  

Adding a Syllabus to Online Grading


Course and Teaching Evaluations

Covid Notations

Degree Audit - MED Curriculum 2.0

Degree Audit - MED Hybrid Curriculum

Degree Audit - Nursing

Degree Audit - Undergraduate

Entering Class Roll Discrepancies

Entering Final Grades Singly   

Entering Mid Term Deficiencies

Grade Change

Message Center

Online Grading


Transfer Credit - DUS/DGS

Transfer Credit - OAS

Uploading Final Grades via a CSV File

View Class Roll

View Teaching Schedule