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Academic Scheduling

Beginning with the Spring 2016 schedule, academic scheduling will be facilitated by the Campus Planning Interface tool.

For questions regarding academic scheduling, please contact the Academic Scheduling team at

Academic Scheduling Policy

Academic scheduling at Vanderbilt is governed by the university's Academic Scheduling Policy.

CPI User Guides

Editing and Adding Courses


Generating a Report

Room Preferences


Viewing and Sorting Courses

Production Timelines

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College of Arts and Science:

Divinity School:

Graduate School:

Owen Graduate School of Management:

Peabody College:

School of Engineering:

School of Law:

School of Nursing:

  • Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

Quick Tips

Academic scheduling quick tips are available here.

Room Requests

Schools wishing to schedule classes in the Provost’s Academic Spaces may submit requests during the schedule building period, up to two weeks before the undergraduate schedule is published in YES each term.

Requests for rooms other than the Provost’s Academic Spaces should be submitted through the Campus Planning Interface during the schedule building period.

The Blair School of Music, College of Arts and Science, Divinity School, Graduate School, Peabody College, and the School of Engineering may request each other’s spaces for academic purposes beginning two weeks after the end of the initial registration period for all students and through the second week of each term.

Requests for Provost's Academic Spaces and for room needs during the shared scheduling period should be submitted through the Academic Scheduling Room Request web form.

All requests are subject to the provisions of the Academic Scheduling Policy.

Instructor Assistant Requests

Course Assistants, Course Coordinators, Graders, and Teaching Assistants should be assigned through the Instructor Assistant Request Form

Anyone serving as Instructor of Record should continue to be assigned through the Campus Planning Interface during the schedule build period. After the schedule is published in YES, contact your Office of Academic Services for support.

Instructor Assistant User Guides

For assistance with the Instructor Assistant workflow, please see the Instructor Assistant User Guide or video tutorial.