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Transfer Credit Course Review


Effective January 2, 2018, the Office of the University Registrar facilitates the course evaluation process for undergraduate students seeking transfer credit for coursework taken at external institutions. 

Information on the evaluation process and policies is available below. For questions regarding the course evaluation process, please contact the External Education Unit at

Current and admitted undergraduate students seeking transfer credit at Vanderbilt must submit courses for evaluation through the Transfer Credit Submission application in YES. A detailed course syllabus is required in order for a course to be evaluated. Please note that Vanderbilt does not accept credit for physical education courses.

Courses undergo regular re-evaluation by Vanderbilt faculty, and new courses are frequently added to the student information system. Each course evaluation will be in effect for five years unless there is a change to the course (title, credit hours, content, etc.).

Graduate students seeking transfer credit should contact their adviser and/or Director of Graduate Studies for assistance. Students in the Divinity School, Law School, Owen Graduate School of Management, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing, as well as professional students in Peabody College and the School of Engineering, should contact their school's student services office.

All courses taken elsewhere are subject to the provisions of the Transfer Credit policies.






Submit course for review (undergraduate students only)

Log in to YES and click on the Transfer Credit icon. Click on the Add Request link to submit a new course. For further instructions, review the YES Transfer Credit User Guide.

A separate submission is required for each course requested. A detailed and, if necessary, translated syllabus is required for each course for which a student seeks transfer credit. 

  • If a syllabus is not provided online, contact the acting professor or department directly.
  • If a syllabus for the intended term is not available, it is acceptable to provide a current syllabus or a syllabus from a prior term/year.
  • The class instructor or the department that offers the class at the other institution usually can assist with obtaining a syllabus.

Any additional required forms (e.g., Application for Pre-Freshman Credit) must be submitted simultaneously.

NOTE: Requests for which all required documentation has not been received will be withdrawn administratively after 30 days.

Course Evaluation Process (undergraduate students only)

The Office of the University Registrar will review all requests for transfer credit evaluation for undergraduate students to ensure that the student and course meet minimum requirements (e.g., student is in good academic standing, course was/will be taken at an accredited institution). If the minimum requirements are not met, the Office of the University Registrar will notify the student. Otherwise, the course information will be sent to a faculty evaluator in the appropriate academic department at Vanderbilt.

Typically, faculty evaluators are looking to the syllabus for the following types of information about the course:

    • A course description/overview (usually a few paragraphs in length)
    • Weekly lecture topics
    • Course credit value
    • Course contact hours
    • Course timeline
    • The assessment information (e.g., exams, homework, participation points, how much weight each assignment is worth toward the overall grade)
    • Course bibliography

Evaluators will determine the course equivalency at Vanderbilt, along with the number of credit hours to be awarded. For non-equivalent coursework (see below), evaluators can also determine how a course will count toward degree requirements.

Credits will be posted to the student record upon receipt of a final, official transcript. For future coursework, the Office of the University Registrar will send evaluation results via email to the student’s Vanderbilt email account. This message will detail how the coursework will be articulated at Vanderbilt.

Evaluations stand for five years unless there is a significant change to the course at the other institution.

NOTE: Processing time for evaluations is variable and highly dependent on the evaluating department at Vanderbilt. Please allow 30 days for the evaluation process.

Academic Requirements: Students are responsible for working with their academic adviser to ensure courses taken elsewhere will satisfy specific requirements in the degree or major. Questions regarding how coursework might be used to fulfill major, minor, AXLE, or Liberal Arts Core should be directed to the student's academic adviser.

If a student wishes for a course to count toward the major/minor in a department other than that in which it was evaluated, he or she must request a degree audit exception through either the director of undergraduate studies (for majors/minors offered in the College of Arts and Science), or the school's Office of Academic Services (for majors/minors offered in Peabody College, the Blair School of Music, or the School of Engineering).

Credits: Please be aware that credit units may differ among institutions. The credits earned on the transcript of record are not necessarily what the student will receive at Vanderbilt.

Non-Equivalent Credit: Non-equivalent credit is granted when a course has no direct equivalent at Vanderbilt. In most cases, departments will grant credit for the course, either toward the major and/or minor, or only for general graduation credit. The title of the non-equivalent course should define how the course is used in requirements. HIST 2061- Non-Equivalent Credit (HIST-United States), for example, means this course has no direct equivalent at Vanderbilt, but may count toward the United States history concentration of the History major/minor.

Transfer credit policies

  1. Undergraduate students must submit all courses for evaluation through the Transfer Credit Submission page.
  2. Detailed course syllabi are needed for evaluation for undergraduate students. For coursework taken at international institutions, syllabi must be translated into English.
  3. Official transcripts must be sent to the Office of the University Registrar in order for credits to be posted to the student record.
  4. Minimum grades needed for transfer credit by school:


Minimum Grade


Vanderbilt Undergraduate Career


No course which was taken on a Pass/Fail basis will be credited toward a degree.

Divinity School


See catalog for specific program requirements.

Graduate School


See catalog for specific program requirements.

Law School


See catalog for specific program requirements.

Owen Graduate School of Management


See catalog for specific program requirements.

Peabody College (Professional)


A course with a grade of CR, S, P, etc., may be transferred provided the official transcript defines such grades as the equivalent of a B or better, or the institutional registrar certifies an equivalent grade of B or better.

School of Engineering (Professional)


Please contact the School of Engineering with questions.

School of Medicine


See catalog for specific program requirements.

School of Nursing


See catalog for specific program requirements.

Pre-Freshman Credit

Pre-freshman credit is subject to the following rules of eligibility. This does not apply to test credit (AP, IB, and international exams).

  1. The course was offered through an accredited college or university.
  2. The course was taken on the campus of the college/university.
  3. The professor of the course was a member of the institution’s faculty.
  4. The majority of the students in the course were degree-seeking college students.
  5. The credit earned was separate from Vanderbilt's entrance/admission requirements.
  6. The minimum grade earned was C- or better.
  7. You must apply for pre-freshman credit before the first day of classes.
  8. An Application for Pre-Freshman Credit must be submitted as part of your request.

Semester Work Elsewhere

Semester work elsewhere is subject to additional review by the student's school, including approval for a leave of absence. Please contact your school's Office of Academic Services for information on how to begin the approval process.

Undergraduate students only: Once you have obtained your school's initial approval, submit course information along with the approval form to the Transfer Credit Submission application.

Study Abroad through non-Vanderbilt Programs

Students studying abroad through non-Vanderbilt sponsored programs (e.g., London School of Economics) are required to register through International SOS and GEO Blue (instructions are available here).

Study Elsewhere Review and Acknowledgement

Current undergraduate students planning to study elsewhere during the summer term or fall or spring semester should be mindful of any school-based policies related to the transfer of credit. Additional school-level approvals may be required. These policies are outlined in the undergraduate catalog. For additional information, please contact your school’s Office of Academic Services.

 Contact Information

For questions regarding the course evaluation process, please contact: .

For questions regarding academic requirements, please contact your academic adviser of your school’s Office of Academic Services.

Official transcripts should be sent to:  

Vanderbilt University
Office of the University Registrar 
External Education Unit 
PMB 407701 
Nashville, TN 37240-7701 

Some institutions provide secure electronic delivery of official transcripts. These submissions may be made to