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Project Timeline

Spring 2014 The work of the Course Renumbering Task Force will inform the process of adapting to the new numbering scheme.

This process will be handled at the School and/or department or program level. Each department is encouraged to cluster courses within a range to convey specialization and groupings for a given subject area. Schools and departments should seek to gain consistency where possible.

Course descriptions will need to retain the old course number (“formerly XXX”) for a complete cycle of students.
Summer and
Fall 2014
Data entry: the new numbering system will be entered into the PeopleSoft catalog and degree audit, and other campus publications in preparation for preregistration during March of 2015.

New numbering scheme will also be organized and prepared in tabular form for public and online access; a web-hosted comparative table of old numbers and new numbers will provide an accessible archive of this information.

Systems testing will be coordinated by the Registrar’s office and EMOS. Special attention will be given to implications for Blackboard and other ancillary systems.
Spring 2015 Final updates to the online catalog, print catalog, and student handbooks (for Fall 2015) will reflect the new numbering system.

The new system will be introduced to the student body in time for Fall 2015 pre-registration in March.