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Instructional Mode

In the new scheme, the following INSTRUCTIONAL MODE values will be used for courses:

Code Value Ask location? Definitions
EA Experiential Away Ask location Includes service learning, practica, etc.
ET Experiential TN Default to TN Includes service learning, practica, etc. for students who are located within TN (e.g. on-campus service learning courses)
IS Independent Studies Default to TN Includes independent and directed studies
M Mixed Ask location Course is 50-79% online; includes hybrid courses; also includes student-driven combination of in-person and/or online instruction which can range from 0% to 100% online. (Reported as “hybrid” or “online” to external agencies)
O Online (replaces “WW”) Ask location Course is more than 80% online.
P In Person Default to TN Default value; may contain up to 49% online
For those courses needing location information (identified by “ask location” on the previous table), a drop-down menu prompt will be used during registration that would identify a student’s primary geographical location throughout the course. (TN would be a choice – not all students will be out of state.) This will address some of our State Authorization reporting needs.