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Transcript Key

On July 1, 1979, George Peabody College for Teachers merged with Vanderbilt University. The Vanderbilt seal is embossed on all George Peabody College transcripts issued since the merger.

Academic Calendar

The academic year consists of fall and spring semesters and a summer term. The Doctor of Medicine program is offered on a year term.

Academic Units

Credit hours are semester hours except in the Doctor of Medicine program. Credits in the Doctor of Medicine program are course- or rotation-based.


Vanderbilt University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Course Numbers

Effective Fall 2015
0000–0799 Non-credit, non-degree courses that do not apply to a degree program
0800–0999 Courses that will be eventually given credit (e.g., study abroad)
1000–1999 Lower-level introductory undergraduate courses. Generally, no prerequisites
2000–2999 Lower-level intermediate undergraduate courses. May have prerequisites
3000–3999 Upper-level intermediate undergraduate courses. Likely have prerequisites or require instructor permission
NOTE: The range 3400–3599 has been reserved for future program growth and is not to be used at the present time
4000–4999 Upper-level advanced undergraduate courses. Usually have prerequisites or require instructor permission
5000–5999 Introductory-level graduate and professional courses (including those co-enrolled with undergraduates)
6000–7999 Intermediate-level graduate and professional courses
8000–9999 Advanced-level graduate and professional courses
Prior to Fall 2015
  • 100- and 1000-level courses are primarily for freshmen and sophomores. May not be taken for graduate credit.
  • 200- and 2000-level courses are normally for juniors and seniors. Selected courses may be taken for graduate credit.
  • 300-, 3000-, and above-level courses are for graduate credit only – unless special permission is granted.

Current Grading Systems

College of Arts and Science (A&S), effective Fall 1982;
Blair School of Music (BLR), effective Fall 1986;
Divinity School (DIV), effective Fall 1983;
Division of Unclassified Studies (DUS), effective Fall 1982;
School of Engineering (ENG), effective Fall 1991;
Graduate School (GS), effective Fall 1992;
Law School (LAW), effective Fall 1988;
School of Medicine (MED), Medical Masters and other Doctoral Programs, effective Fall 2010;
School of Nursing (NURS), effective Fall 2007;
Peabody College (PC) undergraduate, effective Fall 1990;
Peabody College (PC) professional, effective Fall 1992.

Grade Quality Points Notes
A+ 4.3 LAW only
A+ 4.0 Not in A&S, DIV (or BLR, PC as of Fall 2012)
A 4.0  
A- 3.7  
B+ 3.3  
B 3.0  
B- 2.7  
C+ 2.3  
C 2.0  
C- 1.7  
D+ 1.3 Not in PC professional, NURS (or GS, MED as of Fall 2011)
D 1.0 Not in PC professional, NURS (or GS, MED as of Fall 2011)
D- 0.7 Not in PC professional, MED, NURS (or GS as of Fall 2011)
F 0.0  

Owen Graduate School of Management (OGSM), Master of Accountancy, effective Fall 2011.

Grade Quality Points
A 4.0
A- 3.5
B 3.0
B- 2.5
F 0.0

Owen Graduate School of Management (OGSM), All Management Programs, effective Fall 2007.

Grade Description Quality Points
SP Superior Pass 4.0
HP High Pass 3.5
PA Pass 3.0
LP Low Pass 2.5
F Fail 0.0

School of Medicine (MED), Doctor of Medicine Program, effective 2003.

Grade   Description
H Honors Superior or outstanding work in all aspects.
HP High Pass Completely satisfactory work with some elements of superior work.
P Pass Completely satisfactory work in all aspects.
P* Marginal Pass Serious deficiencies requiring additional work (temporary grade).
F Fail Unsatisfactory work.

Prior Grading Systems

Grading systems in place prior to the dates listed above are available here.

Current and Cumulative Statistics

EHRS Earned Hours
QHRS Quality Hours
QPTS Quality Points
GPA Grade Point Average (calculated as GPA = QPTS/QHRS)

Other Symbols

AB Absent from final examination (temporary grade)**
AU/AD Audit**
AW Audit Withdrawal**
CE Credit by Examination
CR Credit only (no grade due)
E Condition, with permission to retake exam (temporary grade)**
H Incomplete in Arts and Science honors course
  Honors in Divinity School**
I Incomplete (temporary grade)**+
IP In progress (temporary grade)**
LP Low Pass (DIV only)
M Absent from final examination (temporary grade)**
MI Absent from final examination and incomplete (temporary grade)**
NC No credit toward current degree**
NO EQ Transfer or study abroad coursework with no Vanderbilt equivalent
P Pass**
PM Pass-Medical (GS only)
R Repeat of previous course
RC Previous trial of repeated course**
S Satisfactory**
U Unsatisfactory**
W Withdrawal**
WF Withdrawal while failing**
WP Withdrawal while passing**
X Grade unknown, hours earned awarded**
  ** Does not affect grade point average. (Prior to Fall 2008, the AB, I, M, and MI grades were calculated as an F in A&S and PC.)
  + May be a permanent grade in DIV, GS, LAW, and MED.