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Student Loans Hold

Although transcript requests are very important to us, we are unable to provide a transcript if the Office of Student Loans has placed a financial hold on your record. University policy prohibits the release of transcripts for students with a financial hold.

If you have a hold from the Office of Student Loans, we will keep your request on file for 45 days to give you the opportunity to investigate and clear this hold. If the hold is removed within this period, we will release your transcript. If the hold is not removed within 45 days, the transcript request will be cancelled. You will need to submit a new transcript request when the hold is removed.

If you have questions about the hold placed on your record or need other information about your student account, please contact:

  • Office of Student Loans
    Vanderbilt University
    106 Baker Building
    PMB 406217
    Nashville, TN 37240-7701
  • Phone: (615) 322-6693 or (800) 288-1144
  • Email: